$1.7 Million+ Made with a Single Product on TikTok Shops in Less than 60 Days

$1.7 Million+ Made with a Single Product on TikTok Shops in Less than 60 Days

If you aren't currently testing TikTok Shops, it's something you should highly consider.

Why? Because people are making mounds of money with the platform and there's a ton of potential for brands.

Meet Pickle Woman

Let us introduce you to a person we call... Pickle Woman. 

She created a shirt concept that went viral and, as of this writing, in less than 60 or so days, has sold more than $1,700,000 worth of product. That's not a typo.

She's sold 39,200 at $44 a pop. You can see the stats below.

Pickle Woman from TikTok

Don't let the discounted price of $26.40 trick you. She is in fact taking in the full $44 - more on that in a bit.

As we've been paying attention to her progress, we quickly noticed that there was a time period in which the quantity sold went from "that's a pretty good amount sold" to "OMG, she's selling a ton of stuff!" 

TikTok Rocket Fuel

Ok, there's no such thing as TikTok Rocket Fuel, but what's described below might as well be it.

In addition to merchants being able to sell products through TikTok Shops, TikTok has also created an internal affiliate/referral program. This allows shop owners to determine which products they want to pay a commission on, how much the commission percent is and to whom they will pay the commission.

When Pickle Woman started using this option, the quantity sold took off like a rocket ship. It was almost like she went from 6,000 sold to 20,000 sold in a matter of days.

Here's an example of what this looks like on the platform.

tiktok affiliate program

What you are seeing here is a user named Football Craze is promoting this sweatshirt via his profile/post.

When you click the Shop banner, it simply opens the TikTok Shop listing that Pickle Woman (seriously, we don't know her name) originally created.

More on that Discounted Price

TikTok, again, as of this writing, has been testing out various promotions to get consumers to purchase products on the platform. This has come in the form of a percentage (we've seen up to 50%) or dollar amount off the product.

TikTok is eating this discount, which means the merchant receives the full product price; TikTok sends you the discounted difference directly.

When you combine a viral video that launches a product along with the reach of TikTok affiliates and discounting, some pretty crazy things can happen.

TikTok Shops has a tremendous amount of potential and if you aren't already testing it, this could be your sign to get started.