Shopify Revenue Success Story

$268,000 in Two Days

$268,000 in two days.

One of our clients had a devastating experience in March of 2020 and I’d like to share a little of her story.

Due to COVID-19 she had to completely shut down her operations. This meant no production, no revenue, and she had to let her entire team go. It was just an all-around terrible situation.

Fast forward to July 2020 and she was finally in a much better place and could open back up. Upon doing so, we started off at a moderate pace with marketing to make sure her team could handle things ok.

The Promotion

Production was going well (much better than anticipated), so we agreed to really put them to the test by doing a Christmas in July type promotion. This needed to be done to make sure they were in check for the holiday season later this year.

It was a two day event (Thursday/Friday) that included a 20% off offer. We knew it would drive a chunk of revenue, but the end result was even better than expected.

The Results

Day 1: $115,000
Day 2: $153,000 (this included a Shopify outage on 7/17)

The crazy thing about Day 2 is that we intentionally didn’t send out a final (Last Call) SMS or email. Had those touches been sent and the outage not occurred, $200k would have been achievable. For perspective, average daily revenue for the month was around $24k prior to the promotion.

A quick word on ad spend. The brands’ former ad agency spent $22,000 on Black Friday of 2019. For Day 2 of this promotion we spent $7,700 and beat Black Friday revenue by almost $20,000. Targeting, a better account structure, and improved ads played a big part in that improvement.

I don’t share this story to boast, but thought it was a great example of how focus, hard work, and strong partnerships can turn a really crappy situation around. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the call back in March that started with, “Ryan… I don’t know what to do.”

If you’re in a challenging spot at the moment, consider using lulls as an opportunity to overhaul things such as product offerings and operations. And whatever you do, don’t stop fighting your way back to success!