Coop Home Goods Email Redesign

Coop Home Goods was founded with a mission in mind of helping people get a better nights sleep.

Their product offering ranges from pillows to bedding and the products are widely loved by consumers. For instance, The Original pillow they offer has more than 11,000 5-star reviews. That's a lot of happy sleepers!

Their website is clean, on brand and helps tell their product story. Which is why when we received a recent promotional email featuring a new blog post, things felt off.

Below, you'll find the before and after results of the email we've completely redesigned for Coop Home Goods.

The redesign we did is much more modern and feels more like what you'd expect from the brand. Some highlights worth noting:

  • We put heavy emphasis on the headline. The old version highlighted a self-care routine, but in the post they talk about happiness... which led us to the more attention getting headline.
  • The body copy leads with a sub-headline and easy to read copy. The previous version had the copy sandwiched between an image and a margin, and would have been a bit more challenging to read on mobile.
  • If you love branding, and have visited the Coop website, you'll notice that we've incorporated some of the shapes and other elements featured on their site.
  • Look at the image from the original of the woman sitting on the corner of the bed. Now look at the updated image. Which looks more comfortable? We think the answer is obvious.
  • From the header to the footer to the font to the call to action, the email is much more on brand.
  • The funnel of the email down to the call to action will likely increase click rates to the content, which is a win.
Coop redesign

Quality email design can have a dramatic impact on the objective, no matter if that pertains to open rates or driving revenue.

From our standpoint, we want content emails to drive traffic back to the website. From their, advertising pixels track the user which then allow us to retarget them with various levels of ads and allows content to help drive revenue.

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