Drive Upsell Revenue with Rebuy

Drive Upsell Revenue with Rebuy

Rebuy has a variety of features that will help you increase revenue and the average order value for your store. This post will focus on implementation on the checkout page (requires Shopify Plus) and in the slider cart (ajax).

Let’s start with the checkout page upsell circled in the image below.



Rebuy Upsell on Checkout Page

If you’re like me, when it comes to the checkout page, you may be thinking, “Is that going to mess up my conversion rate?”

Thus far, it has had no negative impact on the conversion rate, so that’s a win. The bigger win though is the upsell conversions that have taken place. Here’s some data:

  • Total orders 11,285. Of those, 1,137 added an upsell item delivered by the app.
  • The 1,137 accounted for an additional $18,000 in revenue.
  • AOV bump was just over 3%.

All and all, it’s been fun figuring out products that work as upsells and how to surpass performance achieved with other such tools.

Rebuy Upsell in Slider Cart

Let’s now take a look at using Rebuy for a slider cart upsell as seen in the image below.

Rebuy in slider cart

A seven-day test was done for one of our clients. During the test, three products triggered an upsell that included three bundle options. Here’s some data around the test for one of the products and the bundle variation:

  • Prior to the test, Product A sold 248 units.
  • During the test, Product A sold 217 units and the Product A Bundle (upsell item) sold 193, which resulted in an additional $8,500 in revenue.
  • While 31 fewer individual Product A’s were sold, the bundled version sold 386 additional units and increased the AOV for those orders.

The next stage of the test is to let the entire collection trigger the same three bundles and see how that plays out.

Is an App Required ?

You can absolutely create a cart upsell or checkout page upsell without an app. The downside is that:

  1. You probably need a developer to do so
  2. It likely will not have the flexibility of the app in regards to easily swapping out products
  3. It probably wouldn’t have the reporting that Rebuy has

I hope you’ve found this information to be insightful or that it at least sparks an idea or two for you.

The Rebuy team’s support has been solid and surprisingly fast. To say they’re a cheerful bunch might be an understatement. So if you’re looking for a new upsell option, you might consider checking out Rebuy.