Negative Underwear Email Redesign

Negative Underwear Email Redesign

Negative Underwear was created to help make more comfortable and fitting undergarments for women.

The brand aesthetic is clean and minimalistic and they’re a good example of a brand that was already doing pretty well with email design.

So the question to our team was, could we take something that was already good and make it even better? And, we obviously love a good challenge, so here’s how it played out!

Before and After

Here's a quick look at the before and after.

negative underwear before and after

This email is intended to be a welcome email for new customers, and there are three things we noticed immediately.

  1. It was quite long.
  2. The discount was buried way at the bottom of the email.
  3. It felt copy heavy

First and foremost, since we’re targeting new customers, we wanted to get the discount much farther up in the email. That’s why we opted to put in front and center at the very top.

We cut the length a little bit but didn’t want to be overly aggressive in that area because the bulk of the content was warranted.

What we did though was create distinct sections for the images and copy. By doing so the email itself feels more scannable and the copy is easier to digest. We also made the headline of each section stand out a bit more, which helps people scan.

Like most welcome emails, we wanted customers to be introduced to the brand and immediately see the discount so they had a higher opportunity to convert right off the bat.

We’re a big fan of testing emails, so the next step with this design would be to test the new version seen above against a B version that pretty much cuts the email off after the discount section.

The curiosity there would center around whether or not the added content gets in the way of the consumer’s path to taking action.

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