Taking a Hydro Flask Email Design from Good to Great

Taking a Hydro Flask Email Design from Good to Great

There’s a significant chance you’ve either heard of Hydro Flask or, if you’re like me, own way too many of their water bottles (Don’t think it’s classified as an addiction yet), which is why this Hydro Flask email design was so much fun.

The company offers a great product, but has stiff competition given that it competes with global brands such as Yeti.

The initial Hydro Flask welcome email is what we’d consider to be good. It has a leading headline, some nice visuals, clear CTA’s and attempts to give you something to shop.

With that said, the brand has fallen victim to what we can, for now, call, “you made this in the winter and no one has revisited this email in a while” syndrome.

Taking Hydro Flask from Good To Great

Before getting to the specific things that were improved on with the new email design, here’s a look at the (low res) before and after of this Hydro Flask email redesign.

Hey Frankie Email Redesign for HydroFlask

The after feels so much more refreshing. It’s clean, it’s colorful and it utilizes space very well. Here are some key points from the redesign:

  • Looking at the original, do you have any clue what the coupon code is for? We’ve updated that so the customer gets the info front and center.
  • Do you think people care about joining the Hydro Flask Family? Probably not. They likely do care, assuming they decide to read, about keeping their liquid hot or cold. So we touched on that in the short amount of intro copy used.
  • The cold winter image has been updated to reflect summer (current period we are in).
  • The original email shows off three products in a small Best Sellers section, but the redesign includes a gif (not active in the image above) that shows off more of the brands offering in the Find Your Hydro Flask section.
  • Lastly, in the Explore section, we are using yet additional product collections to give the shopper more to click on. Because as a reminder, getting them to click back to the site is our top priority with this type of email.

As with any email marketing, new variations should be properly tested and, when needed, improved upon. We do though out of the box feel as though this new design is quite the improvement for the brand.