Thanks for your interest in our Email Graphic Designer position that was posted on LinkedIn.

Due to the number of applicants we are requesting that you complete a short design test in order to be considered for an interview.

Feel free to review two sample emails below. We are sharing these to set the skill expectation for this position.

Email Examples

Email Design Test

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our email design test. You’ll find pertinent details below. Please aim to try and have this completed in 24 hours or less.

Brand Information

Client: The  Home T /

Brand Colors

Blue - 00A3E0
Pink - FC5666
Black - 000000

These colors can or can't be used in your design. Totally up to you.

Brand Fonts: Brandon Text

Email Brief

Hero: Now Trending

Image: You can choose to mock up a hero model image or you can make the hero text only in a headline style format.

Copy: Stay comfy and current with these new arrivals.

CTA: Shop Now

Sub Section 1

Topic: Pop Culture

Design 1: Dolly is My Spirit Animal


CTA: Shop Now

Design 2: Yes, Chef!


CTA: Shop Now

Sub Section 2

Topic: Lyrics

Design 1: I Said a Hip Hop


CTA: Shop Now

Design 2: Small Town Girl


CTA: Shop Now


Feel free to create a footer that you feel is appropriate to close out the email.